Mortgages for the Self Employed

Mortgages for the Self Employed

  • Although the traditional jobs associated with self employment such as builders, plumbers, and many other trades people make up a fair percentage of the overall self employed numbers, there are so many more professions that can be added to the list. IT Consultants, Social Media professionals, and even YouTubers are all put in the same category when it comes to a lender assessing income for mortgage purposes.

  • Having an accountant makes the process a little easier as lenders like to see a self employed person’s income subject to some kind of outside scrutiny. Many self employed people do not have a regular stable monthly income, but instead have irregular incomes based sometimes on seasons or, in the case of the creative industries, when they get paid for a particular project. Writers, actors, artists, and professional sports people are all familiar with the issues surrounding living on an irregular income.

  • Getting a mortgage in these circumstances really does require the help of experts. If you are in this situation and need advice, just contact us through the enquiry form below, and we will put you in touch with someone that can help.

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