Equity Release

Being able to access a large sum of cash without having to worry about meeting monthly repayments through an Equity Release Plan can be the way to achieve things that you’ve always wanted to do. Travel, home improvements, new car, and helping younger members of your family are all common reasons for taking an Equity Release Plan and there is no doubt that thousands of people have benefited from the money released using them.

However, taking an Equity Release Plan is not something to be rushed into. A lot of things need to be discussed before you finally make up your mind to go ahead. Your income, tax position, benefit entitlement, health, and family circumstances are just some of the areas that a good, competent, experienced, and qualified adviser will talk you through.

We don’t give advice, but have a number of articles that are generically factual and designed to make you think about the questions you should be asking, and don’t forget, we only partner with companies that are committed to giving independent and expert advice. So when you are ready to ask the questions that are important to you, just fill in the enquiry form and you will get friendly and honest answers with no pressure.

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