About Us

Our Mission

To make the world of finance understandable and accessible to our consumers through educating and simplifying the process for them. We know that the best decisions are made when you have the best information so we are dedicated to providing this in order to get the right deal for the right needs.

Our Vision

To create confident consumers in the complex world of finance.

It's often said that it isn’t what you know, it's who you know, and that could be said about getting a mortgage.

Not all brokers are the same and neither are all lenders. Some just prefer certain types of customer and unless you really know the market, how will you know which one is the best for you?

Applying for a mortgage can be a stressful experience, and if your first choice of broker or lender turns you down it can be a real kick in the teeth.

Wouldn't it be great if the broker or lender was the one that gave you the best chance of success?

That’s why Means to a Lend was set up.

Means to a Lend’s mission is simple. You could be stuck in an interest only mortgage, be self-employed without three years accounts, or have some bad credit history. It could be any of a huge number of circumstances that puts you outside the criteria that would make you the “perfect customer” for the main high street lenders.

We not only want to help you find the best lender for you, but we also want to educate and guide you through the complex and daunting world of finance.

Your unique enquiry is assessed by people with long experience in the finance industry, and you will then be put in touch with a broker who is experienced, qualified, and willing to go that extra mile to help you.

And it is not just mortgages we can help you with.

Commercial Loans, Development Finance, Bridging Loans, Secured Loans and Equity Release are all available in the same simple way. Just write what you would like to do or know in your own words and we will put you in touch with the right people that can help you.

Means to a Lend does not give advice itself but introduces your needs to whichever of our partners can help you most appropriately, which will save you time and almost certainly will save you money.

Try us today and fill out our form.

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